Other Projects


Destin Yacht Club

Project management services provided 
since 1999:

  • Continuing 15-year contract for
    all aspects of building environment
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Concrete restoration
  • Balcony rail and window painting
  • Color enhancement
  • Graphic design
  • Review and supervision of three
    cell tower installations
  • Balcony rail inspection
  • Painting of aluminum windows


St. Maarten
at Silver Shells

Project management services provided:

  • Reconditioning and waterproofing
    of exterior façade
  • Investigation, design solution and repair
    of plaza deck water leak
  • Concrete restoration

Grand Mariner

Project management services provided:

  • Installation of new windows and doors
  • Development and installation of new façade color enhancement program
  • Reconstruction and waterproofing of exterior façade
  • Removal, repair, modification and painting of balcony rails
  • Removal of existing balcony tile, concrete waterproofing and installation of new tile
  • Concrete restoration
  • Repair of penthouse roof system
  • Development of reserve study
  • Redesign of window and door sizes and modification to architectural wall elements 
  • Installation of new roof hatches
  • Coordination of new graphics program
  • Revision of trash chutes
  • Modification of roof drainage system
  • Coordination with state for installation of replacement sand dunes removed by Hurricane Ivan and the design and supervision of two new beach walkovers
  • Replacement of all service and stairwell doors and hardware
  • Replacement of storefront doors to elevator lobbies
  • Selection and replacement of balcony lights with turtle-friendly lighting
  • Investigation of and solution for various water leaks
  • Development of master budget for all projects

As part of the new Sterling Sands façade, P+B designed a fresh new logo and sign that is backlit at night.

As part of the new Sterling Sands façade, P+B designed a fresh new logo and sign that is backlit at night.

Sterling Sands

Ongoing project management services:

  • Retained to provide consultation to board for all aspects of the built environment
  • Investigation, development of solution and implementation of revisions to roof drains to prevent catastrophic flooding due to fire retention ring system failure
  • Reserve study
  • Parking garage wall reconstruction
  • New roofing system ancillary structure