John Parish, Vice President —
Investigative Services

John Parish’s wide range of building experience, from large commercial projects to residential construction, and his 15 years with Pendleton+Bowman make him uniquely qualified to serve as the firm’s resident problem solver and construction consultant.

Every project we undertake presents its own set of unique challenges and problems, especially considering the waterproofing issues inherent in Gulf Coast design and construction. It is incumbent upon us to find the highest-quality methods and materials at the lowest cost in the service of our clients. This is where Parish comes in and creates value on every project.

He excels in the cost analysis of contractor methods and processes, always striving for efficiency and savings for both the firm and for our clients. He serves as liaison for us in providing queries to and from contractors and is involved in field coordination of contractor services. By analyzing methods and materials, it is his job to ensure that appropriate applications for each project are employed. 

Parish also serves as our safety expert. Knowledgeable as to OSHA regulations, he constantly reviews contractor safety plans, monitoring procedures in the field and reporting on safety concerns.