Lori Mann, Vice President —
Field Operations

Lori Mann serves as our general in the field in charge of quality control. She has 25 years of experience in the building and concrete construction industry and has spent the last 10 with Pendleton+Bowman (P+B).

She is on the ground every day with contractors, making sure that all contract specifications have been met to P+B standards. That means determining and approving the thickness and bonding of stucco coats and the proper attachment of accessories, and approving of substrate before successive stucco coats. 

Mann is also our expert in the field during the critical waterproofing phase of every project. She maintains records of primer and finish coats applied to walls and overheads, verifying coverage ratios and testing the wet and dry mil thicknesses of waterproofing coats. Her expertise is invaluable in helping to train contractors’ mechanics in proper application methodologies.

Mann's extensive knowledge of building and waterproofing materials, combined with a determination that every aspect of every job is completed to exacting specifications, has earned her the respect of contractors and peers alike and is an invaluable benefit to our firm and to the owners.